HR service industry.

Introducing the right human resource

Difficult problems in human resources can be solved with NAKAMA !
NAKAMA will help you do it!
The only human resource system selected by foreigners (support).

At times like these, please rest assured in NAKAMA

NAKAMA doesn’t want to make mistakes, or encounter any mistakes in recruiting Respond quickly to unexpected recruitment requests and want to immediately have highly skilled human resources, specialized in Japanese.Introduce local expats to Japanese companies with highly specialized Japanese language skills.
Introducing people with advanced degrees and expertise in all fields.
Introduction of accurate and diverse human resources.

According to customer’s request:

After confirmation , our company will contact you .

Combined Human resource selection:

The person in charge will provide the list and always evaluate the skills and listen to the aspirations of the personnel.

Introduction :

  1. Interview and discussing between the person in charge and personnel.
  2. Interview qualified candidates at our company.

Connection – establishment:

After discussing with both parties, appropriate terms and conditions will be established.

Personnel introduction:

There will be an interview between the candidate who wants to find a job and the recruiting company.

Start reception process:

Asking regularly and follow up , support to connect continuously between the job seekers and company interviewers.