Construction of foundry furnaces

●Construction of foundry furnaces

– Tiles, ceramic Tiles, construction of building blocks (construction of kiln casting)

◇With the business of construction and foundry, which our company has been operating for 50 years,
this industry is still not popular throughout Asia.

To accomplish many purposes at the same time in all an action, we are very interested in proposing eco-industrial furnaces to contribute to the emission of waste incinerators, reduce CO2 emissions and  at the same time allow power generation.

General construction trades

● General construction trades

– Construction industry

– Handicraft construction industry (carpentry).

– Scaffolding, manual construction

– Construction and manufacturing industry, iron and steel structure

– Paint engineering industry

– Heating and insulation industry.

◇ Receive construction orders, assist in ODA and construction projects, and provide human resources (including engineers).

Export and import of construction materials

● Export and import of construction materials

– Tools and materials used in the construction industry,

– Special materials for the construction industry, foundry furnaces.

– There are many other materials.

◇Purchase and import necessary materials at the request of Japanese and local companies of the ODA project.

Personnel introduction industry.

● Personnel introduction industry.

– Introduction of human resources (including high-level human resources, and subjects with various degrees in the furnace construction industry).

– Translation services in Japanese and Vietnamese.

– Translating documents into French, English, Vietnamese and Japanese.

◇ At times like these, please rest assured in NAKAMA.

Trading and retailing food products

● Trading and retailing food products

– Japanese confectionery.

– Frozen food

– All foods, e.g. spices, tea, etc.

◇ All these foods will give you a feeling like: [ in Vietnam, it would be nice to have it]

Retail industry

● Retail industry

◇ Sell processed products.


● Grocery

– Pottery (made in japan) (glasses and cups, typical of japan)

– Antiquities etc…


Consulting field related to relationship business

●Consulting field related to relationship business

– Consulting field related to relationship business

◇In the business activities related to our company, we will divide it into phases of support and help towards the customer’s path to success such as: problem solving, consulting,
contacting business alliance, and make precise, solid proposals.

And other consulting professions

● And other consulting professions