Since the founding of the company in 1968, we have always attached great importance to connect people together.Moreover, because it is the kiln construction career that is combined between each craftsman’s strength and their enthusiasm, with the company’s requirements, we think it is best to first build a relationship with faith .

In June of the 19th Heisei period, the company has undergone organizational change,and is starting to implement new phases.
How to deal with the environment and the relationship between individuals among the people, moreover, we think so much about how to accumulate technical and technological development to build foundry furnaces.

The current period has changed to Reiwa, in April 2021 (Reiwa 3), as a Japanese company that mainly operates the first furnace foundry construction industry in Asia, we have expanded and  entered the Vietnamese market , our company started to receive the sub-license of the foundry industry from the Vietnamese government , and established a subsidiary NAKAMA CHIKURO GLOBAL VIETNAM . 

In the future , as an antenna store , a premier product showcase in Asia , and play an important role in the environmental sector such as the treatment of eco-incinerators , waste treatment, ecosystem  supply and power generation to reduce CO2 emissions for developing countries, along with incinerator projects, in addition to the construction of foundry, we will promote strong new business  development areas in the world such as general trade, personnel introduction, food consulting, etc.